PM Skillshouse

When PM Skillshouse was born in 2015, founder & philanthropist Portia Malatji had a vision to train one million underprivileged Africans the art of financial literacy and welfare. But reaching millions of people was going to require thinking outside of the box. Instead of using yesterday's methods to reach today's goals, Portia realized she had to reach her audience at scale online - and teach them in their own homes.


It was then that she realized she was going to need very specific software tools: light on data, user-friendly, uncomplicated and hassle-free; in order to reach her unique target-market in a sustainable way. And so, since 2016, we have worked closely alongside her to help her realize her visions. Since then, we have built PM Skillshouse two websites, three web applications, and four online training platforms - each with it's own unique functionality and purposes.


Training millions of people comes with the need to have extensive reporting and analytics capabilities - which all of the PM Skillshouse tools have fundamentally built-in to them. And because most of their students are lower-income bracket citizens, all of their tools are optimized and streamlined for ultimate ease-of-use. As of today, with a little help from the TapX team, Portia has met her goals and then some.

Full website design

Advanced data processing


Multiple customized apps built

Bespoke online live training platform

Sophisticated custom reporting & analytics

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