EBT Easy Capture

How do airlines move from antiquated legacy training systems to an EBT-based approach as smoothly as possible? The data required to run an EBT-based training system effectively can make or break the entire philosophy.


Manually recording and processing EBT candidate data is not an option for large scale organizations, especially those requiring data authenticity. However, software options on the market are scarce: leaving airlines with very little choice when it comes to helpful tools.


Meeting the various requirements for a scalable EBT data capture & processing system in a sustainable and accessible way requires real thinking outside of the box. Instead of using yesterday's methods to reach today's goals, we need to develop modern tools that assist in a real, tangible way.


To do this requires very specific software tools: powerful, data-driven, user-friendly and hassle-free.

Progressive Web
App Technology

Online & Offline

Secure Database &
Application Firewalls

Scalable & Modular
Software Design

Full-time Maintenance,
Support & Updates


General features

♦ Fully scalable EBT data-capturing & analytics: for Mixed EBT & Baseline EBT phases.

♦ Complete grading flexibility: adjust grading criteria with ease as your EBT capabilities evolve.

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♦ Implementation of all bespoke requirements - resulting in software that meets all specifications accurately. 

♦ Unlimited amount of uses: no locked features.

♦ Access to full-time support & maintenance teams at TapX.

♦ No upfront development costs: subscribe for as long as the system is adding value.

♦ Scalable and cost-effective: cost only scales with the size of your fleet.

Instructor-specific features

♦ Designed to be optimized for tablet viewing & editing.

♦ Accessible on any device - desktops, tablets, smartphones (regardless of operating system).

♦ Access to all candidate profile details & performance in real-time.

♦ Synchronized data capture ensures that instructors on different sessions always have access to the same candidate performance information, as well as any relevant comments.

♦ Intelligent controller design with conditional logic ensures data is being captured correctly, and without accidental omission.

♦ Secure databases storing all historical candidate session information - accessible at any time.

♦ Automated record-keeping, data analytics, profile searching & comparative reporting.


Candidate-specific features

♦ Accessible on any device - desktops, tablets, smartphones (regardless of operating system).

♦ Real-time access to personal historic recurrent training module portfolios.

♦ Automated notifications for new session-sign off requests.

♦ Ability to sign-off or appeal sessions via secure login access. Clear audit trails from all perspectives.

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♦ Analysis of comparative (deidentified) data, viz. performance averages for same rank and same fleet.

♦ Ease of access to instructor notes and comments for previous sessions.

Security features

♦ Web application firewall: Protects the web application from common web-based attacks       such as SQL injection.

♦ End to end SSL: The web application supports end to end encryption of all traffic.

♦ Transparent data encryption (TDE): Real-time encryption and decryption of the database     and its backups using FIPS 140-2 validated 256 bit AES encryption.

♦ Database firewall: Firewall rules are put in place to restrict database access to certain IP addresses.

♦ Limited data access.

Automated & secure database back-ups.

Image by Ross Parmly