Online Training Platform

How do we train one million underprivileged Africans the art of financial literacy and welfare? Reaching this amount of people in a sustainable and accessible way requires real thinking outside of the box. Instead of using yesterday's methods to reach today's goals, we need to reach our audiences at scale online - and teach them in their own homes.


To do this requires very specific software tools: light on data, user-friendly, uncomplicated and hassle-free.

Full website design

Advanced data processing


Multiple customized apps built

Bespoke online live training platform

Sophisticated custom reporting & analytics


General features

♦ Unlimited number of learners.

♦ Unlimited amount of trainers can use the platform (although not simultaneously).

♦ Unlimited amount of training sessions.

♦ Co-facilitation: up to 4 trainers can take part in a single training session.

♦ Long training times: 8 hours maximum per training session.

♦ Easily accessible web platform - no downloads.

♦ Automatic integration with Facebook page.


Trainer-specific features

♦ Access to all users registration details, pre-course & post-course questionnaire answers      (on an individual trainee level).

♦ Ability to chat with trainees via chat functionality.

♦ Ability to post polls and questions to trainees, and see all of their responses.

♦ Secure databases storing all user profiles - accessible at any time.

♦ Automated record-keeping via analytics dashboard and profile searching.

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Trainee-specific features

♦ Light on data - optimized for users.

♦ Accessible on any device - desktops, tablets, smartphones (regardless of operating system).

♦ Access to historic videos for viewing when there is no live training taking place.

♦ Automated marking of questions - instant feedback for trainees.

♦ Automated certificate generation on completion of course.

♦ Access to additional resources, including budgeting tools and course content.

♦ Access to financial advice / credit reporting.


Security features

♦ Web application firewall: Protects the web application from common web-based attacks       such as SQL injection.

♦ End to end SSL: The web application supports end to end encryption of all traffic.

♦ Transparent data encryption (TDE): Real-time encryption and decryption of the database     and its backups using FIPS 140-2 validated 256 bit AES encryption.

♦ Database firewall: Firewall rules are put in place to restrict database access to     certain IP addresses.

♦ Limited data access.

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