If you need to book a hotel room, you've got If you need a ride, there's Uber. The world has gone entirely digital, and consumers expect to be able to pick and choose from online marketplaces as the please. However, back in early 2017, there was no site available to people who wanted to browse and book venues for events. People organizing weddings, conferences, private or corporate functions, team buildings (the list goes on...) had to do so in a very manual and time-consuming way: contacting venues individually.


And so we built Every venue on allows you to build your entire event online. With our easy-to-use, step-by-step online app you'll be able to customise your event to your exact needs. And the best part is, once you've built your event you'll receive an instant quote. With hundreds of venues listed, each one showing images, videos, 3D walkthrough tours, cost-estimates and more, its the one-stop-shop for people planning events.


The scope of this project grew with time, as the platform became more successful. As of 2020,, managed by TapX is one of the countries most popular platforms for blogs, articles, surveys, social media giveaways and prizes, community engagement, and more. With a thriving community at it's base, is one of our biggest success stories yet.

Custom-built online directory

Beautiful & clean aesthetic

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Full social-media management by TapX

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