"How do we provide a unique opportunity to our clients - one that makes our business stand out from the crowd? How do our clients interact with us in a way that's refreshing, convenient and unforgettable?" This was just one of the questions on the fore-front of the team at Smitsfield Farm's minds when they contacted us in early 2019.


The goal was clear: create an experience that allowed people to build their entire event online and receive an instant quotation. Creating this experience would certainly lead to increased enquiries and a higher conversion rate. For years the team had tried to do this with spreadsheets, WordPress plugins and Google Forms, but to no avail.


After a comprehensive design phase, we found the answer. We built a fully-customizable event-planner web application that allows Smitfield Farm's clients to tailor-make their wedding, conference or private function online. With calendars showing live availability, budget functionality, built-in videos and PDFs explaining each section and instant quotations, the tool become a huge hit - bringing in hundreds of event bookings for the property.

Custom-built online & mobile app for event planning

Easy to use and beautifully animated

Instant quote generation

Email integration

Custom admin platform for lead management

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